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Want to skip the major tourist attractions and get a sense for the real Berlin?  We’ve got you covered!  On this page you can read about a few of our favorite Berlin blogs and websites which can help visitors gain a deeper understanding about the city.  Whether your interests lie in food, art, politics or something else entirely, these blogs can help enrich your experience while visiting the German capital.  Don’t just visit Berlin…experience it!


Stil in Berlin

food / style / art / life

Stil in Berlin is a beautifully designed lifestyle blog written by Mary Scherpe, a Berlin resident. The blog is updated regularly and includes helpful information on the best places to eat, shop, and discover new things in the city.  It’s a really helpful guide to Berlin for visitors looking for a more authentic Berlin experience.  Stil In Berlin also has the distinction of being one of the longest running Berlin blogs (started in 2006).



Slow Travel Berlin

food / literature / photography / experiences

Slow Travel Berlin was founded by British guidebook author, travel journalist and photographer Paul Sullivan.  Paul created STB to act as a repository of information about the city from a range of different perspectives.  STB offers visitors articles on food, literature, photography and even personal experiences from other locals.




fashion / art / entertainment / travel

iHeartBerlin is one of the most popular Berlin based blogs and updated regularly by a number of Berlin residents. The website covers a wide range of themes from partying to fashion, stories of other locals to city information.  iHeartBerlin also includes a helpful “Upcoming Events” section which can be useful for both residents and visitors to the city.



Berlin Reified

food / experiences / life in Berlin

If you’re looking for unique food experiences in Berlin and surrounding cities, look no further!  Berlin Reified is a food based blog written by Berlin resident Sylee Gore and includes information about food culture and life in Berlin.  This rates as one of my favorite food based Berlin blogs and for good reason, it’s helpful, interesting and fun to read!



The Needle

expats / life in Berlin / food / politics

The Needle is a popular Berlin blog written by Joseph Pearson, a Berlin based writer and historian.  It’s probably best known for its yearly “Moving to Berlin” section that helps expats plan their move to Berlin.  The Needle publishes articles about life in Berlin, food, politics and more.


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